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(Has your relationship been affected by ? How did you cope? Talk with others on our Couples Coping: Support Group message board.) Scenario 1: Neglect = and Problems Do you find yourself fighting with your spouse over the he or she spends? Do you frequently spend yourself in excess to spite your spouse because you're angry? While it may seem like is a serious bone of contention in your there could be something more to blame "Often in couples who are arguing about it's not that's the problem," says Harley "Instead the fights are a byproduct of relationship neglect." In this case the solution is a smart financial planner who can offer guidance on budgeting long-term investment goals and help in getting out of debt explains Harley "A married couple in this scenario needs to wake up and smell reality," says Harley "They need to understand how much they earn and how much they can spend and stop being so ga-ga over the other person that they're overspending." Many of us grow up in families where was used as a way to show love respect or caring Some of us grew up in families where saving was considered a virtue so we turned into savers Or maybe we rebelled against saving and put more value on living for today rather than saving for tomorrow This can cause problems when people get married since both members of the couple came from different families with different values which often leads to conflict around and finances. Sources: Maureen and Dave Gomes Boston Jenn Berman PhD and family therapist; author A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids; Beverly Hills Calif Willard F Harley Jr PhD author His Needs Her Needs: Building An Affair-proof ; White Bear Lake Minn Dave Ramsey author Total Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness; Brentwood Tenn. "working through a couple's relationship can also help solve their financial problems," Harley tells WebMD "When you fix the root cause the subsequent problems like improve as well." Scenario 2: Love Is Blind Another common financial problem can occur when a couple is so blinded by love that they spend with no regard for a budget They take lavish vacations together buy expensive gifts for each other or buy a home they can't afford These expenses serve as a symbol of love for a new spouse but they also serve to dig a couple deeper into financial turmoil "The problem with this scenario is they eventually run out of " says Harley Once these couples fall into debt they have something to fight about with both and problems. Get your love life back on track Fight the Good Fight Turn spats into solutions Most couples have some amount of disagreement around financial But when there is a lack of trust significant conflict and communication breakdown you may want to consider I address with most couples I work with and for many this is the focal point of the process We will work on your financial and we start by understanding your current problems what got you to this point and what both of you want for the relationship going forward You can learn to have more satisfying conversations around and finances that take into account your thoughts feelings and hopes as well as those of your partner I would like to help you work through the conflict in your so you can have a satisfying and happy relationship Call me to find out more or to set up an initial consultation. Again financial planning support is key In the meantime a couple should ask themselves why they feel the need to live beyond their income "Its important to do some emotional work on yourself to determine why you care about what other people think and is it about your own insecurities?" Berman asks "And open communication is a must -- it is so important to the success of overcoming financial trouble." More Tips What are financial fixer-uppers you should keep in mind when managing your and problems? Here are more tips from the experts that will help you keep both. Around can be an indication of general communication problems in your Establishing and sticking to a budget responsibility for monthly expenses and decisions around larger purchases like cars houses and vacations all require good communication skills Balancing the differing wants needs and values of two people requires negotiation patience and a desire to listen and understand your partner Most couples have difficulty talking constructively about and financial Some favor their own needs and give their partner’s wishes less weight Others tend to give in and then develop covert resentment as a result For some couples any discussion of financial turns into a big argument that can last.

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Recent studies have shown that arguments about are by far the top predictor of divorce even more than sex children housework or other Since we have to deal with almost every day the possibility for conflict is always with us Negativity and conflict in a relationship tends to crowd out the positive and loving feelings that we want to give and receive from our partner. Can be a focal point for trust in the relationship One partner may keep financial secrets from the other partner which can eventually come to light leading to feelings of betrayal that may undermine the stability of your And once trust has been broken it’s very difficult to heal the painful wounds of financial betrayal But it is possible to come out of it stronger than before by working through the and gaining a deeper understanding of. {Text}{Button} Experts offer tips for investing in your so you can worry less. Webmd archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content To find the most current information please enter your topic of interest into our search box ">From the WebMD Archives Maureen and Dave Gomes who have been married for more than six years have a system for managing their : one joint bank account that they both contribute to on a monthly basis and draw from for all house expenses like the mortgage and electric bill; and two separate personal accounts which after their monthly contributions leaves them with their own to spend Last but not least they work on their long-term financial goals together and manage big-ticket items like cars and vacations as. In cases like these becomes a weapon explains Harley One spouse uses the other's spending habits as ammunition bringing up his or her spending when it will hurt the most Or a spouse spends to get even even when he or she knows the spending is in excess of the couple's budget Continued "Our relationship dynamics and resentments get played out with " says Jenn Berman PhD a and family therapist "It's not uncommon to see a person get mad at his or her spouse and then go out and buy something as revenge." What's the solution? Find a good counselor and work through your relationship explains Berman. Infidelity and Conflict You will receive your first newsletter with our next scheduled circulation! Couples need to talk openly and calmly about and finances The goal is for both partners to value their own needs and the needs of their partner equally and to cooperatively make financial decisions that are in everyone’s best interest But this can be challenging when fears get stirred feelings get hurt and tempers flare The Value of Beliefs and values around usually have their beginnings in our lives growing up Parents tend to transmit their values around unconsciously usually through actions such as making purchases or use of credit cards versus cash rather than explicitly talking about the underlying meaning of This leads to most of us having a set of beliefs and values around that we accept without question with their origins below our level of awareness. Six Signs that.

Three Steps To A Better. "we created this system when we moved in together before we got married," says Maureen "For us it works But I do have to say that it would probably fall apart if we didn't communicate well about our spending act responsibly and make decisions together." Maureen and Dave have figured out how to mix and in a way that works for them both Other couples however aren't as lucky "With the state of the economy with housing credit problems more and more couples are facing serious and problems even bankruptcy," says William Harley PhD author of His Needs Her Needs: Building an Affair-proof ; Experts explain to WebMD the common financial scenarios couples often face and offer practical tips for resolving them. Posted by Dave Kaplowitz LMFT CGP in Divorce and Finances Relationship Problems What is Love?Three Steps To A Better. "we are a country that has become accustomed to debt," Berman tells WebMD "We judge one another by what we have and don't have so couples feel pressure to buy things they can't afford as they keep up with the Joneses." The stress of owing and debt can cause problems in your she explains As a couple spends and spends with no regard for their mounting debt it's the that suffers Continued "Couples don't tend to fight about the mortgage because that's a choice you make together," says Berman "Couples fight about the ancillary goods like 'I can't believe you bought those golf clubs.' It's the things you can live without that you. When to call it quits {alt} {text} © 2005 - 2018 WebMD LLC All rights does not provide medical advice diagnosis or additional information. The document has.