Lgbt rights by country or territory

Connect. When you get married you're promisg to treat your spouse with respect many states if one spouse engages certa marital misconduct such as abandonment abuse or adultery that behavior can provide the grounds for a fault-based divorce and may even affect alimony and property division. Hawaii was poised to become the 15th U.S state to extend to and lesbian couples on Wednesday with the governor expected to sign a bill legalizg same-sex matrimony a day after it won a fal nod from lawmakers (Reuters) Spouses also owe each other the duty to keep confidential communications private The marital communication privilege or “spousal privilege” prevents either spouse from disclosg confidential marital communications Either spouse can voke the privilege to prevent the other from testifyg about a confidential marital communication A spouse can testify about the other spouse’s actions like seeg the spouse sellg drugs However one spouse can’t testify about confidential communications durg the such as one spouse’s disclosure that he’d sold drugs to a friend brgs both fancial and legal benefits as well as duties some cases these marital and responsibilities will contue even after your ends—through death or divorce. Sex between men the conservative city-state is officially illegal and ’s government has a history of censorg themes the media Last week authorities issued a statement warng multational corporations like Facebook Apple Google and Goldman Sachs to stop sponsorg ’s annual LGBT event Pk Dot SG [BBC]   A scene where two male actors kiss was removed from a production of the musical Les Miserables after reports of complats from the public The show’s organizer MediaCorp VizPro said the “peck on the lips” durg the song “Beggars at the Feast” was supposed to be comical but ’s Media Development Authority (MDA) said the action was never cluded the script when submitted for review and classification the BBC reports It therefore violated the General ratg given to the musical “MDA will take action agast this breach of licensg conditions,” the organization said The kiss has sce been cut from. Brgs both fancial and legal benefits as well as duties some cases these marital and responsibilities will contue even after your ends—through death or divorce Your Marital Marital can vary from state to state however most states recognize the followg spousal : Is part of the Martdale Network Copyright © 2018 ternet Brands c The formation provided on this site is not legal advice does not constitute a lawyer referral service and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by use of the site The attorney listgs on the site are paid attorney advertisements Your access of/to and use of this site is subject to additional Supplemental Terms Additionally spouses owe a fiduciary duty to one another What this means is that your prospective spouse can’t lie to you about fances a crimal past or their current to another spouse to duce you to marryg them A based on one spouse’s fraud can be annulled under certa circumstances Once married you contue to owe your spouse a fiduciary duty regardg fances and property—similar to the duties owed between busess partners You can't hide funds waste marital assets or send marital come offshore or to another person—like a lover—without your spouse's consent If you breach your fiduciary duties to your spouse and your fancial misconduct is discovered durg a divorce most courts will order you to reimburse your spouse for the funds you lost or wasted. Legal Professionals: Build Your Busess Lawyers from our extensive network ready to answer your question. Addition entitles you to a share of all marital property This cludes the right to any property and come accrued by your spouse durg the The particular laws of your state will affect how marital property is divided between you and your spouse the event of divorce For example community property states like both spouses enjoy equal (50/50) to property acquired durg the The majority of states follow an equitable division approach meang marital property will be divided equitably or fairly between divorcg spouses—though not necessarily equally. Each state has its own laws regardg prenuptial and postnuptial agreements Be sure to review the laws of your state before enterg to a contract with your prospective or current spouse If you have specific questions about your marital or responsibilities contact a local family law attorney for advice.